Shortly after the lockdown, I realized how my relationship to touch has changed. I became hyper-aware of anything I would touch when outside and I tried to avoid any physical contact with people. Nevertheless my desire to touch and be touched grew and I often imagined the time in the studio with the performers prior to the lockdown. I was lucky to have been locked up with my partner and child, even so, I felt the need to also engage with other bodies again. This made me wonder how other people might think about their experience with touch differently. Thus, I used my social media channels to ask people to reflect about how their relationship to touch has been affected due to the pandemic. I received many answers from both dancers and non-dancers, which can be found below. Names have all been made anonymous and I am really grateful for everyone's responses so far.
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"How has the pandemic affected your experience with touch?"
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This collective sharing of memories and vulnerabilities might allow other people to connect to similar experiences.