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"Choreographer Greta Gauhe has harnessed an array of visual and acoustic elements."
Iris and Rosie
Greta Gauhe is the Artistic Director of the Follow Through Collective in London. The Follow Through Collective consists of a variety of artists from different fields, aiming to create work with a distinct focus on political, social or ecological issues. Making work since 2015, their performances are eclectic and multidisciplinary. Much of their current focus is on the medium of dance as a means of coming together, exploring empathy, touch, and connection. Challenging the formal separation between spectator and performers, their works are seen in both theatres and art institutions. The Collective performed at many festivals, including Resolution Festival, Emerge Festival, Camden Fringe Festival, the City of London Festival, the Fi.ELDS Festival (East London dance), Stratford Arts Center and the Nah Dran Festival in Berlin. They also presented works at the Chisenhale Dance Space, Richmix, October Gallery, The Place Theatre, the University of the Arts in Berlin, Tanzspeicher in Würzburg and at the Bonnie Bird Theatre in London. 

Be longing

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