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"NOWhere was an excellent piece of work that bravely explored the tricky territory of community, prejudice and multiple moments of harassment. The piece worked with the group very well, forming a stringensemble that really gave us the opportunity to see each of the different characters at the same time as seeing them from a clear sense of community."- Sue MacLennan, Head of Choreography at the London Contemporary Dance School

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Footage of Greta Gauhe
Am I Always...?
Choreographer/Performer: Greta Gauhe
Performed at the TanzSpeicher in Wuerzburg in 2017.

Screendance Film 

By Emily Romain

Dancers: Greta Gauhe and Lucie Palazot

Never Arrived

By Greta Gauhe

A physical response to being with nature during a time of isolation.

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