The foundation of my contemporary dance career was laid at the Iwanson School of Contemporary Dance in Munich and consolidated during a MA in Performance at the Place, a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre as well as a Diploma in Dance Studies at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. Thanks to the exhilarating London dance scene, I gradually realised the almost boundless range of possibilities for dance artists, at the same time shaping plans for my own future journey.


I love to explore and develop what dance has to offer, both as a performer and choreographer; but I also have the desire to engage with the public and other artists. This eventually led me to establish my own dance company: The Follow Through Collective collaborates with artists from various backgrounds in order to combine different art forms on stage, often creating a multi-channel experience for the audience. My practice is eclectic and multidisciplinary, with a distinct focus on social, political or ecological problems in our society. We performed our work at many festivals in the UK and Europe, for example, the Resolution Festival, Emerge Festival, University of the Arts Berlin, Albany Theatre and the Camden Fringe Festival.


In the meantime, I performed works by Florence Peake & Eve Stainton, Matthias Sperling, Sasha Roubicek, Matta Sakka (Sasha Waltz), Anna Williams, Sonja Rafferty, Gary Lambert, Marie Yagami, Roman Baca and I have been a dancer at the theatre in Würzburg.


Since 2019, I was undertaking a MAF in Choreography at Trinity Laban to further investigate into my artistic practice.

For me, being an artist is a life-long process and informed by one’s experience as an individual and a member of society. 

I am honured to be a Leverhulme Arts Scholar, which I received during my MFA in Choreogrpahy at Trinity Laban.

Picture by Lidia Crisafulli

Work/ Performance 



2020 (a selection):   

  • Performer in Iteration by Effie Guyuan and Iris Ath- City Lit , London

  • Research and Development with Joe Moran for his new work  "Materiality will be rethought"- White Chapel Gallery, London

  • Choreographer of "Memories of Skin"- Trinity Laban Conservatoire

  • Performer in"Her Agency" by Hannah Adams with the WomenWonder Collective- The Place, Resolution Festival

  • Performance of " 1 Click Away" - The Place, Resolution Festival

  • Performance of "1 Click Away" - October Gallery, London


2018/19 (a selection):        


  • Performer in Florence Peake & Eve Stainton's work "Impending: Head to head , head to bum, crotch to crotch"- The Place

  • Performer in Livia Ritae's work at the Brunel Museum

  • Working with Lea Anderson for Livia Rita's Show.

  • Leverhulms Art Scholarship

  • Performer in “The year turns round again” by Ben Moss - Shrewsbury Festival

  • Performer in “Astro Interrogation” by Sasha Roubicek - the Place Theatre

  • Choreographer and performer in “Drowning” with Follow Through Collective- Uk tour: Resolution Festival, Camberley Theatre, The  Albany Theatre, Urban Interface Festival , Spotlights Up Festival

  • Performer in “Little Girl inside me” by Marie Yagami Company-  Resolution, the Place theatre  

  • Performer in “Reconciliation” by Roman Baca - War Studies Department, Kings College University

  • Performer and choreographer in “Common Ground”-  Resolution Festival, The Place 

  • Performer at the White Cube Gallery for Carlotta Roma 

  • Career panel discussion at Laban Centre for Advanced Training- Laban London

  • Performer in “Distant”- Hier= Jetzt Festival, Munich (chor: Greta Gauhe)

  • Film direction for the Screendance Film: “ A moment in time”, London

  • Choreographer of “NOWhere”- the Place, London

  • Performer and Choreographer of “Co-Active”- Emerge Festival, the Place, Startford Arts Centre, London

  • Performer in Hannah Adam’s film- London



  • Performer in “Am I Always...?” a solo by Greta Gauhe - TanzSpeicher in Würzburg

  • Performer in “8meterimquadrat”, a duet, by Thomas Kopp - TanzSpeicher (dance theatre) in  Würzburg (6 performances) .

  • Performer in “Be Longing” (chor: Greta Gauhe)- the festival “Nah Dran” at Uferstudios and the University of the Arts, Berlin , Camden Fringe Festival London

  • Performer for Urban Interface Dance Uk- London

  • Choreographer of “Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite”- Emerge Festival, Stratford Arts Centre, London

  • Artistic Director of the Follow Through Collective- London



  • Performer in ”17 Manifestos” choreographed by Matthias Sperling- Laban, London

  • Performer in “Ago Pro Obscurum” choreographed by Marie Gabrielle Rotie- Laban, London.

  • Performer in  “Destructive Lover” by Maria Lotha – Laban, City of London Festival

  • Performer in “Artek” a Solo, choreographed by Marta Polak- Bonnie Bird theatre, London.  

  • Performer in “Another Flat thing” choreographed by Anna Williams- touring in the Uk: ( u.a.The Place, Tower of Hamlets, University of Chichester, Bonnie Bird theatre)

  • Performer in a reproduction of the piece “Women” by Sasha Waltz, Rehearsal Director Mata Sakka-  Bonnie Bird theatre, London. 

  • Performer in “Shadows” choreographed by Sonja Rafferty- Bonnie Bird theatre, London

  • Film direction “ Rendered Human” (chor: Greta Gauhe, Peter Adams)- London

  • Performer in Gary Lambert's work- Bonnie Bird theatre


Dance Education (A selection):


MFA in Choreography- Trinity Laban Conservatoire 2019-2020

(Leverhulme Arts Scholarship)

MA in Performance- The London Contemporary Dance School 2018-2019

(Fund for Excellence)

BA(Hons) in “Dance theatre”and a Diploma in Dance Studies-Trinity Laban Conservatoire 2011-2015

Pre-education at Iwanson School for Contemporary Dance- Munich 2006-2011

Pre-education at Manniegel Ballet School- Munich 2001-2011


Workshops/ Courses:


  • Hannes Langolf Voice and movement Intensive- London 2019

  • Workshop with QUARTO during Fest en Fest Festival 2020

  • Workshop with Fernanda Munoz-Newsome: Doing Day Siobhan Davies 2020

  • 6 weeks Choreography Course with Joe Moran - Siobhan Davies 2019

  • Candocoo Dance Company- Trinity Laban 2017

  • Matthias Sperling- Doing Day at Sioban Davies 2018

  • Theo Clinkard Intensive- B12 Festival, Berlin 2018

  • Punchdrunk Intensive- B12 Festival, Berlin 2018

  • Improvisation with Seke Chimutengwende- the Place, London 2018

  • Hannes Langolf Intensive- B12 Festival 2017

  • Leila McMillan Intensive Flying Low and Passing Through- London 2017




Link to my Dissertation Interview here

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