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Artistic Director of the Follow through                             Collective

Greta Gauhe is the Artistic Director of the Follow Through Collective since 2015 in London. The Collective collaborates with artists from different backgrounds in order to constantly shift perspectives on the arts and to create powerful, meaningful works of contemporary dance. The Collective performed at many festivals, including Resolution, Emerge Festival, Camden Fringe Festival, the City of London Festival and the Nah Dran Festival in Berlin. They also presented works at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Tanzspeicher in Würzburg and at the Bonnie Bird Theatre, Stratford Arts Centre in London. 


2018 for the Resolution Festival at the Place, London.

Choreography: Greta Gauhe


    Greta Gauhe

     Belinda Papavasileiou

     Vivian  Triantafyllopoulou

     Marta Polak

     Irene Gimenez Montes    

     David Evans

     Ingvild Marstein Olson

 Composer    Andrew Liddell

 Visual Artist    Clara Boulard



"The best dance show to see in 2018" The Evening Standard

"Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!"


2017 at the Emerge Festival, London 

Stratford Art Circus

Artistic Director: Greta Gauhe

Dancer: Marta Polak, Johanna Merceron, Natalie Sloth Richter

Musician: Andrew Liddell

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite! is a contemporary dance piece about childhood memories and how they influence our behaviour and relationships. 

Childhood experience has long-lasting effects on adult well-being. Shifting between past and present, the dancers try to link character traits to childhood memories and experiences. The viewers are invited to look back onto their own past and to connect to the stories on stage. 

Am I Always…?


Performed at the TanzSpeicher in Würzburg 2016

This Solo is a personal self-refelctionof the dancer.What defines us? What defers us from others and what makes us unique?

These are some of the questions, that influenced the movement study and the creation of the work.  

In “Am I Always…?”, a multi-medial approach creates the atmospheric background of the dance. 

Created in collaboration with a visual artist, a film that is shown as part of the dance performance. The sites in the film all played an important role in my life, and some moments involve personal images of myself. Film and dance co-exist, supporting each other in terms of atmosphere, but also to provide a deeper insight into my research. 

The edited audio track includes spoken language: Unasked but unmasked I describe myself, a simple list of character traits, a disorderly reflection on who I think I am. 


Choreographer: Greta Gauhe


Dancer: Greta Gauhe

Music: Olli Newman

Film: Ella Funk

Be Longing


2016/17 Nah Dran Festival Berlin, University of the Arts Berlin.

Camden Fringe Festival 2017

Artistic Director: Greta Gauhe

Filmmaker: Ella Funk

Dancer: Romane Petit & Greta Gauhe



Every home is as individual as the people inhabiting it. Home is a drawing of the Self; a picture of who we believe to be. Feeling at home somewhere is not as easy as building a house. So what is it that makes us feel at home? How can we integrate ourselves into a society and what does it take to make strangers feel welcome? 

The Follow Through Collective approaches these questions by the means of dance and film, thus making personal reflexion tangible for the audience. Whilst the two dancers indulge in a sensible interplay of dance, theatre and music, the viewer is invited to change perspective by means of a multi-channel film projection. Locations and movement complement each other in film sequences, with the recorded dance giving a new meaning to the different settings. 



Choreography: Greta Gauhe
Dancers: Marta Polak, Ingvild Marstein Olson, Olivia Edginton, Maria Maggiorou, Aaron Markwell
Performed in the Bonnie Bird Theatre in London  2015

Follow Through Collective &. Co. researched the topic of illiteracy. Over 785 million men and women cannot, at the present time, read or write. Illiteracy in individuals is a result of various, generally inter-related causes, such as difficult li- ving-conditions, poverty, dropping out of school, lack of books at home, etc., which together create a series of often insurmountable barriers for those concerned. Most people with limited literacy abilities are masters at conceal- ment. With this work the collective aimed to make the problem in our society more understandable by using dance and film to give an insight of how it might feel like to be illiterate.

Rendered Human

Choreography and Film by Greta Gauhe and Peter Adams 2015


A video dance, which presents the image in an abstract service of the concept and the aesthetic of the story was prioritized.  Greek ancient sculptures were the initial idea for this film. The collective wanted to show how the athletic body of a greek sculpture is transformed into a human body through movement, touch and emotion.

Common Ground

In Common Ground, seven dancers attempt to build a community which celebrates diversity, equally valuing every individual. The overarching aim is to accommodate idiosyncrasies, but this creates friction. Meeting in their effort to interact and connect, they negotiate boundaries, accept differences and declare togetherness as a common, mutual decision. Group form, merge and dissolve whilst the dancers break social norms and create a common identity. 
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