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Performed at the Emerge Festival London (2018), SpotlightsUp Festival London (2019),

The pink house Festival (France), 2019



Choreographer: Greta Gauhe


Dancers: Natalie Sloth Richter, Greta Gauhe


Music: Apperat



Co-Active is a contemporary dance piece dealing with the topic of social integration and friendship. What happens if we can put our prejudices aside and see every human as naturally resourceful and creative? The two performers meet in their effort to interact and connect. They negotiate boundaries and declare togetherness as a common, mutual decision.

Photo shoot for our new duet _Co-Active_ done!! Enjoy our new work at the Emerge Festival


" The performers had a really strong connection." Audience member

"Powerful and original Idea." Audience member


Pictures by Kaja Gwincinska

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