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Devising dance is the most democratic and is characterised by sharing of leadership, authorship in a group and ownership. Thus, this form of collaboration process has deeply influenced my own way of wanting to relate to my dancers. This idea of collaborating and choreographing based on the sharing of ownership was always at the core of my practice. For me, collaboration is a process that requires the presence of connectedness and a desire to develop mutual learning as well as a need to empower one another. 

For my first iteration of my intended work I began to work with three performers: Marta Stepien, Flavien Cornilleau and Hannah Adams. By working with performers I have previously collaborated with, this established trust provided the platform for the touch and intimate encounters the work needed. 

For the second phase of my research, Natalie Sloth Richter and Johanna Merceron joined our process. Unfortunately Marta Stepien had to leave the UK and wasn't able to perform my work anymore, however her voice recordings and contributions during phase 1 were still included and much appreciated.

I am very thankful for everyone's contributions, commitment and willingness to collaborate. I couldn't have done it without these fantastic, professional dancers, our wonderful composer Andy Trewren and our creative filmmaker Emily Romain. 

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