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Choreography: Greta Gauhe
Dancers: Marta Polak, Ingvild Marstein Olson, Olivia Edginton, Maria Maggiorou, Aaron Markwell
Film: Therese Koppe
Music: Apperat
Performed in the Bonnie Bird Theatre in London  2015

Follow Through Collective &. Co. researched the topic of illiteracy. Over 785 million men and women cannot, at the present time, read or write. Illiteracy in individuals is a result of various, generally inter-related causes, such as difficult li- ving-conditions, poverty, dropping out of school, lack of books at home, etc., which together create a series of often insurmountable barriers for those concerned. Most people with limited literacy abilities are masters at conceal- ment. In this work the Collective looked at how it might feel to be illiterate and they created a dance/ video performance to raise awareness about this topic.

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