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2018 for the Resolution Festival at the Place, London.


Choreography: Greta Gauhe



    Greta Gauhe

     Belinda Papavasileiou

     Vivian  Triantafyllopoulou

     Marta Polak

     Irene Gimenez Montes    

     David Evans

     Ingvild Marstein Olson


 Composer:    Andrew Liddell

 Visual Artist:   Clara Boulard





"The best dance show to see in 2018" The Evening Standard


"Research and exploration are welcomed in The Follow Through Collective’s Drowning, which ‘evolved around the subject of marine pollution’. For an ambitious project combining the forces of six musicians, six dancers and the work of visual artist Clara Boulard, Drowning has a single message and a single central image that fit the nature of the work as environmental polemic and proactive appeal. On the corner of the stage is a selection of plastic bottles wrapped for some reason in paper as a reference to the ‘over 51 trillion micro plastic particles’ in which our oceans are drowning. Choreographer Greta Gauhe has harnessed an array of visual and acoustic elements in Drowning to evoke a sense of underwater marine life, from the eddies and currents of the dancers’ movement to the ripples of water on Boulard’s filmed images matching the arms of the dancers. The balance between the island of chamber musicians and the ocean of dancers is more ambiguous, and adding the sound of surf to the chamber strings is aural tautology, but all this becomes secondary to the appearance of a clear plastic bubble with Gauhe
trapped inside trying desperately to beat her way out. The suffocating imagery goes to the heart of marine pollution and is thus the true starting point of the work."

Rosie and Iris

Writing about dance

Pictures byRodrigo Cardoso

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