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Memories of Skin- Film
This film was developed during the lockdown period of the Corona Virus pandemic. Emily Romain (Edit/Concept), Andy Trewren (Sound) and I collaborated entirely remotely from our homes. 
This film is best to watch at home in a quiet, dark area with the lights off and a blanket to cuddle with. 
It deals with the topics of touch, the absence of touch, vulnerability and connection. These might be difficult topics for some people at the moment and I invite you to pause or stop the film at any point.

In a time where physical contact is restricted, the digital collage film “Memories of Skin” remembers and celebrates the experience of touch. Employing new and pre-lockdown footage, the film explores ways of connecting to ourselves and others in our minds as well as looking at various notions of touch and being touched. 

Whilst in lookdown, the dancers continued to look for nourishing tactile encounters which helped them to connect more deeply with their immediate environments and bodies. They did so mainly drawing on their memories of touch and imagination. The movie invites you to do the same.


Concept/ Direction: Greta Gauhe

Edit/ Direction: Emily Romain

Sound: Andy Trewren

Performers: Hannah Adams, Flavien Cornilleau, Marta Stepien, Greta Gauhe, David Hohenschurz-Schmidt

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