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Memories of Skin - Research

This part of my website offers insights into my current research about the role of touch and closer proximities during performances and beyond. 
The Corona Virus pandemic has heavily impacted my research, as I could no longer meet my performers and even less touch each other during rehearsals or the performance. In retrospective, these challenging circumstances add a valuable perspective to the work, practically, however,  I had to adapt and change my existing research quite suddenly. 
Therefore, I will distinguish between two phases of the project: Phase 1 describes my practical research and performance prior to the pandemic and determines the effects of touch and closer proximities in a performance on audience members and performers.
Phase 2 focusses on my practical research during and after the lockdown and explores other choreographic tools through which touch-like sensations can be remembered and re-visited in the absence of the possibility of close physical contact.
How do participants experience touch during a performance?
How has our relationship to touch changed during the pandemic?
Can we have touch-like sensations in the absence of the possibility of close physical contact?
How does a memory of touch effect us? 
Can we remember and re-value touch?
The following parts of my website are best to be enjoyed via a laptop or big screen.
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