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Memories of Skin - Research

This section of my website provides insights into my ongoing research on the role of touch and closer proximities in performances and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted my research, as it restricted my ability to meet and physically engage with my performers during rehearsals and performances. While these challenging circumstances have added a valuable perspective to the work, they also required me to adapt and change my research approach.

To address these changes, I will present two phases of the project:

Phase 1 focuses on my practical research and performances conducted prior to the pandemic. It explores the effects of touch and closer proximities on both audience members and performers during live performances.

Phase 2 delves into my research during and after the lockdown period. It explores alternative choreographic tools and methods that evoke touch-like sensations in the absence of close physical contact. This phase investigates how memories of touch can be revisited and valued in new ways.

Throughout this research, I aim to explore the following questions:

  • How do participants experience touch during performances?

  • How has our relationship to touch changed during the pandemic?

  • Can we experience touch-like sensations in the absence of close physical contact?

  • How do memories of touch impact us?

  • Can we remember and revalue touch in alternative ways?

Please note that the following sections of my website are best viewed on a laptop or large screen for an optimal experience.

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