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Our Garden Project


Artistic Ideas/ Theme / Previous work examples



In touching Grounds – Film Project


The following short film was created in 2019 during the COVID-19 pandemic. This marked the beginning of the "Our Garden Project," where our artistic director, Greta Gauhe, began researching eco-somatics and how natural environments influence our bodily experiences and expressions while also giving back to nature.


The project explores how to coexist with nature and what we can learn from it, such as the time it takes to grow and the importance of biodiversity. It emphasises the interconnectedness of nature and the value of working together rather than alone. Through movement and collaborative creative efforts, we aim to draw from these ideas.


Some of the movement explorations featured in the short film will be further developed during the Our Garden Project with students and other participants. We will continue to explore new tasks and movement ideas in relation to nature.








Description: "In Touching Grounds" is a short screendance film that chronicles my journey of spending extensive time in nature during the COVID-19 pandemic. It serves as a physical response to the experience of being with nature amidst a period of isolation. This film is part of an ongoing research endeavor that examines the relationship between movement and nature, exploring how the natural environment influences our bodily expression. Employing eco-somatics as a framework, the project delves into the experience of being with nature and investigates how humans can coexist and collaborate with the natural world.



Until we Meet – Performance


The Follow Through Collective developed an outdoor sensory performance called “Until We Meet” in 2023, held in Crystal Palace Park, London. Visitors were invited to scan QR codes and listen to pre-recorded audio tracks to re-engage with nature and other participants in an outdoor space.


For more details about the performance, visit:


This performance was a valuable experience for us in creating works for and with local communities, as well as adapting to an outdoor environment. The insights gained from this project will be instrumental in “Our Garden Project”, particularly in working in public outdoor spaces and engaging local communities, including both elderly and young people, in creative tasks.

Trailer of Until we Meet:

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