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The following videos show various rehearsal scenarios both during the lockdown period and after. 
The dancers are imagining, remembering and valuing touch together while offering each other touch-like sensations.
The videos are a way for us to share our practice with you and present our journey together.
Rehearsal Footage via Zoom
Taken during the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Marta, Hannah and Flavien can be seen engaged in various tasks, remembering, visualising and recreating touch-like sensations from their own homes.
Rehearsal Footage back in the studio
Taken after the lockdown period ended in the UK.
The videos show some moments of us working together in the studio, imagining to touch and to be touched, while keeping physically distanced.
Rehearsal Footage 3
Taken after the lockdown period, while still keeping physically distanced in the studio.
Johanna, Hannah and Flavien are engaging with the imaginary touch and are involving audience members in their imagined worlds.
Trailer for Memories of Skin

Pictures taken during our Sharing by Rui Cunha Pignatelli

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