Below I will present how I adapted my research and various choreographic methods, which I used during phase 2 of my research. Notably, most of the described practices and tools emerged during the lockdown period caused by the coronavirus pandemic and are therefore developed in order for my dancers to keep two meters apart. Most of the practices described emerged while my collaborators and I couldn’t physically meet in a studio and developed as practices at home.

They will give an insight into how we shifted our practice to accommodate the new government guidelines, while still focusing on touch and closer proximities as a tool for connection. 

For all tasks and improvisations we used the memory image to recall and recreate past events and experiences. As some of the performers have never been in actual physical contact before they had to also access the imagination image, which is created from something that has not had an experience beforehand (Udow, 2004). Through associations, they had to imagine what it might be like to touch that person.

I invite you to read through the following tasks or to take some time to do them yourself at home.

When preparing for each task at home, please make sure that you have enough space to move in without any hazards.

tongue greta pic mfa.jpg
The sensation of your room
hair greta pic mfa.jpg
Imaginatively be with someone
Photo shop 1.png

Awareness Through Touch

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