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This Video emerged during the first five weeks of the Corona Pandemic in Europe. 18 dancers from 3 different continents and 5 different countries have created their own self-isolation dance at home. All the dancers in the Video have previously collaborated with or performed for the Follow Through Collective and can finally be seen in one continuous dance together. This was an attempt to continue feeling engaged and connected with all my collaborators and it was very touching to see everyone dance in their homes across the world. One of the dancers even send a video from a quarantine camp in Hong Kong. No matter where, this video connects us all through one long dance.


Dance can be a powerful tool to stay connected, even when you are physically apart.


Concept/ Edit:                  Greta Gauhe


Performers:                      Alka Nauman

                                                Flavien Cornilleau

                                                Marta Polak

                                                Hannah Adams

                                                Marta Stephen

                                                Lucie Palazot

                                                Olivia Edgington

                                                Ingvild Marstein Olsen

                                                David Evans

                                                Leilah Simone Williams

                                                Claudia Sillas

                                                FrancisJohn Chan

                                                Natalia Sloth Richter

                                                Johanna Merceron

                                                Greta Gauhe

                                                Emily Romain

                                                Ghost Chan

                                                Belinda Papavasiliou


Music:                                  "Heartless" by Milky Chance



Many thanks to all the dancers who contributed to this dance. I miss being in the studio with you!

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