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Touch Journeys
Due to the absence of touch, I questioned how the performers could still work with the imaginary touch of the other’s in order to stay feeling connected. Therefore I started to look at imagery as a way to touch, yet without the use of actual physical contact. One way for the performers to stay engaged with touch and with each other during lockdown and from their own homes was to record voice-recordings for one another. They are proposing and imagining how and where they are touching, giving each other an imaginary journey to connect back to their senses, even when apart.
Below you will find three voice recordings by the performers, especially made for you. These will take you onto a journey about touch and they might allow you to be reminded of touch-like sensations. Please feel free to pause or stop them at any point if needed.
In order to experience these as intended, please consider the following points:
1.  Make sure to not be disturbed for the next 30mins.
2. Find your favourite place in your flat/room.
3. Take your favourite blanket and cover your whole body with it.
4. Use your headphones and close your eyes.
5.  You can shift around to be comfortable and you can self-touch or touch areas around you to experience touch-like sensations.
Hannah's touch journey
Flavien's touch journey
Marta's touch Journey
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