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Why not take a brief break from inhabiting your physical form? Join me on a journey through the aquatic realm, where your imagination reigns supreme. Witness your hands transform into sea creatures and experience their sensations stretching beyond conventional boundaries. Embrace the realm of daydreams.

Embrace your daydreamsFlavien
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You're welcome to pause at any time. Your comfort is our priority, so if you feel the need to stop an exercise, you can choose to actively listen or pause the recording altogether. Please join our ZOOM meeting after the recording has finished.


We'll embark on self-touch exercises focusing on both our hands and face. Additionally, we'll immerse ourselves in an imaginary realm, where we may become quite active during the experience.

Find a space where you can catch a glimpse of yourself, whether it's in a mirror, the screen of a laptop, or the reflective surface of a window. This reflection will serve as your guide as we embark on this journey together.

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