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15 - Minutes Movement Snack 

as part of the Somatic Dance and Chronic Pain Network

Research project led by Greta Gauhe

Greta is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Dance Research, UK. Her research is on touch and dance, and she wishes to engage with people living with chronic pain to support them in accessing movement and touch from home. 


Remote touch experiences



Join us for a short 15mins remote experience that brings the experience of touch to your own location. Our multi-sensory experience will guide you through a series of activities that allow you to engage with your senses. Using pre-recorded audio recordings, you will follow the guidance of your performer. You can choose the performance that suits you most below.


All of our experiences are site-specific and multi-sensory. This refers to the concept of site-specific performance, where the physical space in which the performance takes place is an important aspect of the overall experience. In this case, you are encouraged to embrace your surroundings and incorporate what you see, feel, and hear around you into the experience. 

We encourage you to use either speakers or headphones in order to have the best audio experience, but sound via the phone or laptop can work as well.


Join us and explore various types of touch, including self-touch, imagined touch, affective touch, discriminative touch and imagined social touch.


Each individual will have a distinct experience of these short experiences based on their personal preferences, backgrounds, and current state of mind. We recognise and respect the uniqueness of each experience, and no judgment should be made regarding anyone's feelings or thoughts. Please only do what feels right for you on that day. You can also pause the recording at any point and we aim to offer different ways of engaging with the material throughout the recordings. Please accommodate your own needs as much as possible during these experiences. Pl


Collaborators: Hannah Adams, Flavien Cornilleau, Deborah Di Meglio, Andy Trewren

Creative Direction/ Research: Greta Gauhe

Supervision: Rosa Cisneros and Emma Meehan

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Please choose your experience by clicking on one of the images below:

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Are you interested to join our research and to help us further develop our creative approaches and audio recordings? We are looking for people living with chronic pain or chronic pain practitioners!


In my first year of study, I created a series of audio recorded experiences for individuals to enjoy at home or in a park.


These performances aim to enhance sensory engagement, exploring various touch concepts such as self-touch, social touch, imaginary touch, and discriminative touch. Feedback and conversations with participants suggest potential benefits for those living with chronic pain. As a result, I'm seeking interested individuals, whether they work with chronic pain or experience it themselves, to participate in online conversations. These discussions will help me understand the usefulness of the audio recordings and guide their further development.


To respect your privacy, you can choose to remain anonymous. I'm offering a consultation fee of £20/hour to acknowledge your valuable time. Your input will significantly contribute to refining my research and tailoring the audio recordings to better serve individuals living with chronic pain. If you're interested in participating, please reach out, and we can schedule a time that suits you. The number of meetings is entirely flexible based on your preferences. 


Individuals currently experiencing chronic pain or those working with chronic pain patients will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Many thanks!


Feel free to contact me through email, and kindly use "chronic pain research" in the subject line. 



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