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Touch(in)g Sound 


1. Please find a comfortable, indoor space you can sit and spend 20
 minutes in, alone, uninterrupted.

2. Bring with you into the space a small solid object you can easily hold in one hand.

3.Please use your speaker or headphones to listen to the sound recording below.

I look forward to join you on this audio journey.

After the performance, I invite you to share any reflections, thoughts, images (of your object) or ideas with us via:
(Please let us know if you do not want your response to be shared on our website)

Thank you for your contributions.

Andy is a UK-born, London-based composer and artist. He began learning guitar and piano at a young age, before developing a keen interest in classical composition. In 2016, he began studying composition at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. This is where he first started writing and developing sound art, the artistic discipline which uses sound as both the art’s main medium and its subject. Over the next 6 years completing his BMus (Hons) and a Masters in Sound Art at UAL, Andy would experiment in soundscapes, conceptualism, kinetic sound sculpture and interactive installation. He also found a passion for graphic scoring and began studying painting and drawing to further enhance his graphic scoring techniques.

In 2019, Andy joined the Follow Through Collective, composing for performances such as NOWhere and 1 Click Away. Now, he continues to work with the collective on their upcoming projects, as well as developing his own work in composition and sound art installations.

Touching Sound Part 1Andy
00:00 / 19:14

I invite you to also complete my second part of the experience. This time we will focus on how singing can touch us. Please complete the second part either straight after the first part or whenever you find a quiet, restful moment.

Singing to Touch Part 2Andy
00:00 / 10:30

Your response to the performance:

"Your ability to create such a profound connection through sound alone is truly commendable. Thank you for guiding me through this incredible journey. It's astonishing how easily we overlook the familiar spaces we inhabit daily. Your guidance allowed me to take a step back and truly appreciate the safety and comfort of my bedroom. This experience reminded me of the value of slowing down and immersing myself in the present. Thank you for that!"

Participant response:


"I really enjoyed to focus on my ability to listen for such a long period of time. It was a nice way to get distracted from my otherwise very busy life. A nice reminder of how sound touches us constantly!"

"I enjoyed making a connection with a simple object and experiencing the potential it had to create sound. This is an object one would use daily without ever taking time to explore it more than a practical item. It made me feel more connected to my immediate environment."

"I felt relaxed and at ease in my environment. My perception is that I was in a rather noisy environment but the active listening task reminded me what a peaceful space this is. I often fill that lack of sound too easily without enjoying the natural soundscape created."

"Thank you for giving me this experience of feeling super aware and in tune with the sounds around me. This was a relaxing experience for me, as someone with ADHD I don’t have many moments of being present with one thing, I was able to focus throughout which gave me some calm and quiet in my mind - even when making sounds."

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