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Imaginary Touch: Multi-Sensory Performances for Non-Physical Connections Over Distance

Join us for a unique and immersive online performance that brings the experience of touch to your own home. Our multi-sensory performances will guide you through a series of activities that allow you to engage with your senses and connect with others, even over distance. Using pre-recorded audio recordings, you will follow the guidance of your performer as you interact with materials and objects in different locations throughout your home. Through imagination and visualisation, our performances create a sense of co-presence with both the performer and other participants. Accessible via our website, you can choose the performance that suits you and participate in your own time.


All of our performances are site-specific and multi-sensory. This refers to the concept of site-specific performance, where the physical space in which the performance takes place is an important aspect of the overall experience. In this case, you are encouraged to embrace your surroundings and incorporate what you see, feel, and hear around you into the performance. 


After the 15-20 minute performance, we encourage you to share your experience through a brief written or visual response, which you can upload directly to our website or send to: (Please note: if you do not want your response to be shared on our website, please let us know). Note: your responses will only be published after having been read by a member of our team to ensure no explicit content will get published on this website.

We encourage you to use either speakers or headphones in order to have the best audio experience.


Join us and explore various forms of imaginary touch.

Hint: You can choose which performance you would like to participate in below. Please feel free to do more than one performance, either straight after one another or on a different day. 

All performances happen in different areas of your home. Some performances require you to prepare materials. Some performances can only be performed during set times and dates. We encourage you to read the preparations carefully and to follow the instructions in order to have the best experience.


Each individual will have a distinct experience of these short performances based on their personal preferences, backgrounds, and current state of mind. We recognize and respect the uniqueness of each experience, and no judgment should be made regarding anyone's feelings or thoughts.


In our fast-paced society dominated by social media, we often neglect taking a moment to pause, reflect on our internal states, or connect with our surroundings. To address this, we invite you to participate in a brief 2-minute touch-based exercise before attending any of the performances below. This exercise will enable you to focus on your tactile sensations and potentially enhance your ability to perceive and connect with the performances afterwards.







Collaborators: Marta Stepien, Hannah Adams, Flavien Cornilleau, Deborah Di Meglio, Johanna Merceron, Andy Trewren

Creative Direction/ Research: Greta Gauhe

The methods we used for these recordings were inspired by many experts in the field including Lundahl & Seitl, Leah Marojević, Iris Athanasiadi, Erin Mee, Steph Singer, Vera Tussing and Charlotte Spencer.  

Preperation Exercise
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Please choose your performance by clicking on one of the images below:

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Research leading to set of online performances:

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