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Hi and welcome to Bedd(in)g Play

This performance will take place in your bedroom, mainly on and around your bed. It will be 20 minutes in total, during which you will best enjoy the experience if you are alone and uninterrupted.

I invite you to listen to this audio performance during daytime hours. You will experience your bedroom – and more particularly the space of your bed – a little differently than usual. We will play, rest, and notice sensations together. You will be invited to move, but always in a gentle way that suits your body best.

Feel free to play the audio track either from a phone or a laptop, and to connect your device either to a speaker, earbuds or headphones, as long as you have your hands free during the whole performance and you can hear the sound perfectly, even while moving in your bedroom and on your bed. 

Once you have finished the performance, you have the possibility to share your response to it with us, in the format that best speaks to you! It could be a bit of writing, a drawing, an image of the space where you experienced the performance, anything! You can either use the form below or send your response to: (Please note: if you do not want us to share this response on our website, please indicate this in your email.)

A few things for you to do before you start: 

- Fully clear your bed so you can sit, lie or move on it. 
- Make sure the floor space around your bed is relatively clear too (you should be able to take a couple of steps).
- Wear something comfortable, and warm enough if you tend to get cold quite easily. 
- Remain bare feet or in socks.


Bedd(in)g Play!Johanna
00:00 / 20:45

I am a French dance artist currently working with various performance companies across France and the UK, after completing a training in contemporary dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in 2015. I have performed in a wide range of performance settings, predominantly centering around human connection, multidisciplinarity and multi-sensory experience. I am interested in research-based and collaborative work, and I am driven by projects that involve theatricality as well as reflection on the crucial social themes of our times. Eager to foster this dialogue between my dance practice and wider societal and environmental concerns, I graduated in 2022 with an MA in Sociology (Cultural Analysis) from the University of Goldsmiths.


Your response to the performance:

a hiatus, a break,
for this day...
when I both don't know what to do
and feel that I should do nothing...
at all...
Its nice to stop
if even for a day
to rest
something inside seeks stillness"

"The performance made me more aware of the sense of touch by guiding me to imagine the sensation of a hand on my forehead, evoking emotions and tranquility, fostering mindfulness, and promoting me to appreciate the significance of touch in a safe an familiar space a bit more than I did before."

"I had a very busy day and lots of thoughts rushing through my head. After the performance I felt calm and at peace. My heart rate went down and I felt at ease."

"I felt a strong connection to the performer when she talked about putting her hand on my forehead, which made me feel calm. Also here voice had something very soothing and kind, which also made me feel more connected. Moreover, I could connect on different points she mentioned about her bedroom and the way she lives in it."

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