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Memories of Skin

performed at Trinity Laban Conservatoire

Sharing on the 17th of March, 14:15pm

Performance on the 21st of Oct., 15:30pm, 18.00pm, Bonnie Bird Theatre

Choreographer: Greta Gauhe in collaboration with the dancers


Hannah Adams, Marta Stepien, Flavien Cornilleau, Natalie Sloth Richter, Johanna Merceron

Composer: Andy Trewren

Film/ Edit: Emily Romain

Costume: Sophie Donaldson

Set--design: Greta Gauhe

Production: Trinity Laban

Eva Recacha and Florence Peake, Tony Thatcher

Pictures by Rui Cunha Pignatelli

“Touching our bodies, gesture toward each other and themselves each time challenging and perhaps deforming the body-politic, questioning the boundaries of what it means to touch and be touched to live together to live apart, to belong, to communicate, to exclude.” E.Mannon

Memories of Skin is a performance about touch and connection. It explores how touch can be remembered and re-visited during a pandemic in the absence of the possibility of close physical contact and stems from a desire to touch and be touched. Four performers explore memory, empathy and imagination to recreate touch-like sensations, to remember the value of touch and to connect to one another, yet in an imagined way. Audience members are called to inhabit the same imaginative space as the performers while experiencing imagined, gentle touch.


Once entering please remain seated on your allocated beanbag: 


You will find crumpled balls of paper- 


You can see them, 

Touch them, 

Feel them, 

Hear them.


The room is full of subtle sounds, you produce some of these. 

There are blank pieces of paper around you. We invite you to share some of your memories by answering questions inside the paper-balls.

Touch has to do with communication, with directness, and it also takes time and requires a consideration of the other. Maybe profound thinking about touch could help us out of our current situation. I hope that my research might make a small contribution towards finding more genuine and diverse forms of togetherness. 


The performance has evolved through the pandemic and deals with the limitations of distanced togetherness to propose how we can experience performance art in a post-pandemic era. 



The work was made considering government guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. The work includes audience participation but dancers will remain in distance at all times.


Review by the Dance Art Journal:

"Greta creates immersive performances that flirt with audience participation; work that through this type of interaction brings us back to our childlike disposition to play."

"Depending on the socio-political context in which Greta’s work applies to, this fearlessness adds a deep honesty to the movement that is engendered – the dancers aren’t skating on the surface, they spill their souls onto the stage."

"Memories of Skin is in many ways a response to our unfortunate, lived reality. Yet in a time of social restrictions, Gauhe was highly inventive in her selection of performance environment and degree of audience participation, engaging us in a way I had certainly longed for. You will be moved by Memories of Skin both in a physical and figurative sense and I have to say after an absence from dance for over half a year, I found true solace in remembering and then experiencing again what it is like to touch those we wish we could but currently cannot. "

 Words by Katie Hagan

"It was exceptionallly layered and intelligent. Each element helped me as a viewer/participant contemplate touch in many aspects. The sonic artist you chose was a great choice, and brilliant as well" Roman Baca, Choreographer

"It was an extraordinary experience watching live work after such a long time. I didn't think I miss touch as such but your work created those specific throwbacks that was quite emotional." Ania Straczynska, Choreographer

Please click here to find out more about this work and research


Pictures by Dominic Farlam

Pictures by Rui Cunha Pignatelli

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