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Outside in-touch

Hi, my name is Hannah.


I will be guiding you through a shared performance from your chair.
This performance is only available during day light hours.


In preparation for our journey please choose the window you most enjoy looking out of and place a chair next to it. Place the chair so you have an equal view out of the window and the room & photograph your performance space. Ensure you’re warm, bring with you a blanket and a cushion to sit on and with. Wear warm and comfortable clothes but remove your socks. You can choose to listen to this performance through headphones, or a loudspeaker.

We will be considering the contrast between fleeting contact and familiar interpersonal contact. I chose this place as it is somewhere I find rest and comfort, a place for reflection and meditation. I enjoy the juxtaposition of this place, being in the comfort of my home but maintaining a connection to the outside world. 

I have created two parts, however you can also only choose to do the first part. Please only complete the second part if you have already completed the first part. You can complete the second part straight after the first one or after some time has passed.

Once you have found your space and collected the things you need begin the recording in your own time, and I look forward to speaking with you then!

If you have any reflections and feel like sharing them, please write or draw your response to our performance and submit an image of your performance space below, on this website. Alternatively, you can also send an image of your performance space or a response to:

I invite you to look at the images uploaded to this website below in order to already get a sense of other people's locations.

hannah performance prep.jpeg
First Part Outside-In TouchHannah
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Second Part Outside-In TouchHannah
00:00 / 10:00

I, Hannah Adams, am a dance artist, and my creative practice is a result of a mixed bag of training in ballet and contemporary dance. My most recent academic accolade was my MA in developing artistic practice from The Place. Though my movement style is always developing, it is rooted in release based techniques, using gravity and my weight to drive my movement. The focus of my artistry is the expression of sociopolitical issues, through an abstract marriage of movement, material, and sound. I have also worked closely with Follow Through Collective for a number of years, as a performer and creative. In my free time I enjoy swimming, time outdoors, and all things social and sunny!

Reminder: Images will only be uploaded to the website once they have been checked by a member of our team. Thank you for your patience!

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Responses uploaded by Participants:
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"What really struck me was the sense of connection I felt, when thinking of other participants joining the performance from various locations and various days and times. The knowledge that we were all sharing this experience together, despite our physical separation, left me feeling unexpectedly connected.

During the performance, I found myself in a state of calmness. The immersive nature of the experience heightened my sensory awareness, allowing me to carry this awareness with me throughout the rest of the day. It provided a welcome pause from the hustle of daily life and it allowed me to fully immerse myself in the present moment."

"I felt more grounded and calm. I often listen to podcasts or music to fill the silence but after the performance I wanted to sit with it and enjoy the silence and feeling in touch with the spaces I was in."


"What I also enjoyed about the performance was its sense of play. It felt like an artistic invitation to take time for myself, liberating me from daily pressures and the constraints of time. It encouraged me to be creative in a simple, yet profound way.

Lastly, the performance challenged my understanding and expectations of the word "performance." It went beyond conventional expectations, showing me that it could be a deeply personal and thought-provoking journey rather than a mere display of talent.

This performance was a unique and enriching experience that left me with a sense of connectedness, introspection, and creative inspiration. It showed me the power of virtual connection and how meaningful moments can be crafted even from the comfort of our homes."

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