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Hi and welcome to this shared experience today!


The performance will take place at a table of your choice. Make sure that you have enough space to move around your table.


Please prepare your phone or laptop and connect the sound to a speaker, if possible. 

Also, please select one of your favourite songs and prepare it so that you can press 'play' immediately once I ask you to during the performance. It can be any track that you feel strongly connected to. You will have to play your favourite song from a different device so that both my recording and your favourite song can be played at the same time. You could use a CD, a Vinyl or a different laptop/phone.


Also, please prepare a sheet of paper, or a notebook and something to write/draw with. Please note that this performance can be done at any time of the day. 

After the performance, I invite you to share a written response a drawing or an image with us! Please feel free to use the form below or send your response to: (Please note: if you do not want to share this response on our website, please indicate this in your email)

Table DanceMarta
00:00 / 09:07

I dance since I remember. I started my professional training when I was 6 in a ballet school. I quickly realized that I don’t enjoy it strict rules and started to participate in contemporary dance workshops. I immediately fell in love with it! I continued my education in Poznan and completed my MA in contemporary dance in London Contemporary Dance School. Now I’m based in Poland, mostly Wroclaw. The thing I enjoy the most now is performing and being on stage. What I also love is teaching! I work in Academy of Music in Wrocław with vocal students on their body awareness, and in Musical Youth Academy with young artists. I also do various of workshops both in contemporary dance and ballet. I have my personal desire to change perspective of ballet, and I try to teach it with respect to my students, and keep atmosphere in class full of enjoyment!


Your response to the performance:

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