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The Field- A Performance in SpaceDeborah
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Music by Adrianne Lenker, "Mostly chimes" - we do not own the rights to this music

debborahs performance image.png

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­As a young artist in New York City I decided to go outside my studio to engage the public. Since then, bringing art as a tool into communities and opening doors to communication has been a constant force in my work. My work combines Visual Arts with Performance Art to create visual, audio, multimedia, interactive experiences. Every project has its contextual roots in the ideas of encounter and empowerment. Using art- based research, my projects create an open platform where different social and economic classes, cultures, generations, life models and opinions meet, creating the adjacent possible.  The fourth wall is broken down for the audience and ways of thinking are transformed.  I am always looking for ways to communicate.  Through workshops, exhibitions, performances, teaching, developing and implementing projects for social change and my own studio research I am striving to connect people and enhance awareness. Recently, I have become interest in space. Being aware of space, breaking down space, sharing space, space as a meeting place and transcending space for a greater feeling of togetherness, of belonging.  I was very excited to be a part of “BE(in)G  touch”, of getting to work with such a creative group of people and having the chance once again to step outside my studio and into your homes.

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